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Fact sheets and briefings

Tauranga is the most car reliant city in New Zealand

Priority One's latest Infometrics quarterly economic report "showed traffic flows in Tauranga City increased 5.7% in the year to September." (Bay of Plenty Times 5 December 2018)

The BOPT cites Tauranga City Council data showing that "it took 26.05 seconds longer to travel 18km of the city's key routes in peak hours compared to free flow traffic."

Transport is the lifeblood of our community. It helps us reach work or school, socialise, connect with essential services and participate in activities. It strongly influences the shape of urban areas and the way we live our lives.

Yet, it's also the most complex and challenging form of infrastructure to integrate with urban growth particularly given the geography of our area with its narrow peninsulas.

We need to walk and cycle more, use public transport and shift our dependence on private vehicle travel.

The key elements of the Tauranga Transport Programme include: improved services in the existing Tauranga urban areas, additional network capacity for growth areas to the north, east and west, investment in public and active transport and a review of State Highway 2 and 29 projects.

The SmartGrowth partners need to work more closely with the New Zealand Transport Agency and central government to find workable solutions for the western Bay of Plenty.