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Fact sheets and briefings

Future development strategy

The Future Development Strategy aims to drive discussion and decision-making around expected population growth in our western Bay of Plenty. It identifies the big issues – things like housing, transport, employment, an aging demographic, cultural wellbeing, the environment – that we must collectively consider as our numbers swell over the next 30 years. Where and how will we house an extra 66,000 people? What kind of transport systems and infrastructure do we need? What options are on the table right now? How will we pay for it all? This document sets goals but also aims to spark discussion and debate, feedback and
great ideas and will be reviewed every three years.

WHO is behind it?

SmartGrowth unites the thinkers and planners who are working to ensure the best possible future for residents in our area. It places Tauranga City Council, Western Bay of Plenty District Council and Bay of Plenty Regional Council shoulder to shoulder withtangata whenua, community and business representatives and key government agencies.

Our collective aim is sustainable, desirable, affordable living.

WHY does it exist?

Councils in high growth areas are compelled by government to assess future housing and business needs and create a development strategy. Government requirements aside, it would be unthinkable to ignore the rapidly changing needs and demands of our community. Looking ahead, we face significant, ongoing projected population growth…and some likely growing pains.

WHERE is the geographic focus?

If you live – or hope to live – in the western Bay of Plenty, the FDS will affect you. We are considering the whole coastal strip between Waihi Beach and Pukehina, with particular focus on growth in and around Tauranga city.

WHEN? Key dates.

While the development strategy focusses on the next 30 years, it includes a series of fixed term goals such as opening up new housing areas and significantly increasing opportunities for more homes in the existing Tauranga city urban area over the next 10 years. We're consulting on the Tauranga Urban Strategy at the same time.

Submissions on the FDS closed on Monday 5 November.