The forums play an important role in the development of SmartGrowth. They provide valuable input into implementation pathways and help with monitoring the impact of SmartGrowth.

Contact the SmartGrowth office for more information on the forums. 


Please click on the below link to review the SmartGrowth Partner Forums  - Report of the independent 'Health Check' 


Tangata whenua.jpg

Combined Tangata Whenua Forum

Articulates the cultural, social, environmental, economic and political aspirations of Māori.

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Property Developers Forum

This Forum enables direct property industry participation into SmartGrowth strategy implementation to provide private sector input

Te Puke.jpg

Social Sector Forum

The Forum reflects the interests of community and social groups

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Strategic Partners Forum

This Forum was formed at the inception of SmartGrowth in 2004 and maintains a broad overview and draws on diverse expertise

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Environment and Sustainability Forum

This Forum focuses on emerging environmental matters and sustainability developments

Kuia and child.jpg

Population Ageing Technical Advisory Group

This Forum focuses on the health, wellbeing and disability needs of the ageing population

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