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"Partnership, collaboration, integration, evidence, people"

Live, learn, work and play

The SmartGrowth Pillars

SmartGrowth was founded on five key pillars that underpin the Strategy and its implementation

  1. Partnership: SmartGrowth has been founded on good relationships between the partners and collaboration between councils, tangata whenua, strategic community partners and Government agencies, particularly the New Zealand Transport Agency.
  2. Collaborative leadership: Working together is the cornerstone of SmartGrowth to ensure our community punches above its weight and has a collective voice to Government on key issues.
  3. Integration: An integrated approach to planning is fundamental to the Strategy. 
  4. Evidence based: SmartGrowth takes an evidence-based approach to strategy development and implementation.This is underpinned by a wealth of  research.
  5. Live, learn, work AND play approach: This concept emphasises the importance of balance in the management of growth and ensures the provision of land and services for housing, business, education, rural production, community activities and recreation.

Harnessing our strengths to build our future