Sustainable Economy

The economy of the western Bay of Plenty sub-region economy is thriving, growing and sustainable.

The western Bay sub-region is enjoying a resurgence of growth following several years of decline during the global downturn. Our population is growing with migration from elsewhere in New Zealand; the construction industry is booming and demand for land and houses is reaching a peak. It is the duty of SmartGrowth to ensure sustainable planning for land use, settlement, infrastructure and employment opportunity. Against this we must also ensure that our fertile and versatile soils are protected against development that could compromise our agricultural and horticultural industries that underpin our economic sustainability. 

Tauranga City has a booming silver economy. The contribution of mature
and older people to the Bay of Plenty economy is projected to more than
double from $2.55 billion in 2016, to $6.92 billion in 2031, escalating to
$15.62 billion in 2061.

Read about the impact of the Silver Economy Research Paper 2017

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