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Fact sheets and briefings

New, integrated project on urban development and transport for western Bay

 UFTI has begun a 12-month programme of work which will be delivered in four phases. The project partners will work with iwi, the business sector, community groups and political leaders, building on the consultation undertaken and feedback collected as part of the Tauranga Transport Plan, Tauranga Urban Growth Strategy and Future Development Strategy.


As the region grows at a significant rate, it is constantly being challenged to ensure urban and transport infrastructure meets the needs of local communities. Planning, investment and development has been unable to keep up with demand.


In the past five years, local councils and SmartGrowth have tried to focus on overcoming these challenges. A lot of planning and community engagement has been done but it has been in silos and generally we have lost momentum from a sub-regional perspective.


Transport is a major issue, so too is a lack of affordable housing and land supply which is constrained due to the natural environment as well as infrastructure affordability and provision. There are at least 24 major urban development or transport projects underway across the western Bay. Many have been developed separately and there is not an adequate master plan, supported by advanced modelling of options and scenarios, to align these at a governance and operational level.


There is an opportunity to build a much more cohesive approach.

Recent feedback on the SmartGrowth Future Development Strategy was loud and clear – local people want bold leadership as we move forward. With the launch of UFTI, we’re hopeful that we’re providing exactly that.